The Art of the Hang

Every person is unique, and musicians are perhaps the most extreme example of this. It’s the similarities that bring us together, and the differences that make life interesting. When a group performs together, they are working as a team to reach that common goal – entertain their audiences. But to create that magic of a special bond onstage, that group really does need to know each other very well, and that is done OFF STAGE during the “hang” time.
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The Value of An Audience

Never underestimate the value of the audience. These are words that have been told to me my entire life and that I have repeated many times these last few weeks. But what exactly does it mean? The size? The type? The ability to interact with the musicians/performers? All of these factors do play a role and impact every live performance.

No two live performances are ever identical, no matter how much we as performers strive to have it perfect every time. Yes, we are humans and not robots, so we do perform a bit differently each time. My voice may be a bit clearer one day over the next; my violin may have had more humid conditions on this show compared to last show. However, I believe that the greatest contributing factor to every live show is the audience.
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