Electric Violin? – Fan Question

Sometimes I receive messages asking my advice on music-related topics. Recently, I was asked this question from a fan: “Hello, I was wondering if you could recommended an electric violin? My budget is about $800. Are there any groups who play with these?” Below is my response.

Purchasing an electric violin is much like purchasing an acoustic instrument – you find the one that works for you and matches your style of playing.
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Chamber vs. Section Players

I love to play chamber music! So many beautiful works were written for small ensembles, and were intended to showcase each and every musician. But what happens when the one and only person playing that part decides to leave out a measure, or drop out for an entire phrase? Now that depends on the musicians playing as a whole.

This applies to small string ensembles as well as rock bands (sometimes, they are both at the same time, like Violectric.)
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