Social Media – Word Travels at the Speed of Sound (ding)

How much time and money do you spend promoting yourself? Your business? You could pay to advertise in specific publications to get the word out, or you can use the free areas available to you, like the social media. People who follow you or subscribe to your “feed” can learn about you/your business/your shows at the speed of sound. Facebook and Twitter are fast and easy methods to inform your friends about upcoming events and shows, but you must learn to balance your posts between business and personal. Otherwise, people might simply ignore you or block you. Sometimes, they will “unfriend” you.
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Risky Business

How far will you go to realize a dream? Will you consider dedicating your entire life to making it happen? Are you willing to lose everything to make it succeed, including friendships, life’s savings and even your house? It takes the complete dedication of knowing that you will not let it fail in order for it to truly succeed. Venturing into something new and innovative is extremely risky, especially in the entertainment industry.

I have heard this story many times from very successful business people, not just in the entertainment world. You have to go into the dream knowing that it will not fail, and sometimes the only way to ensure that is to risk it all. “Balls to the wall!” as a dear and wise colleague once told me. And he is right.
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