Live music and entertainment is the center of most corporate events. Meeting planners often think of the entertainment as an afterthought, or as background. In my many years of experience with corporate gigs, the entertainment seems to be the LAST item booked. What many forget is that the music is why the guests remain in the room long after the last dish is cleared. As a good friend and agent Richie Compton said, “Wow! These table linens and centerpieces are gorgeous! Let’s extend a half hour to admire them a little longer!”
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Time – A Matter of Perspective

When you love what you are doing, time seems to move swiftly (often too fast for true appreciation). Contrary to this, when you don’t enjoy something, time seems to pass so painfully slow. It is all a matter of perspective and perception.

When I’m on a gig, time moves faster than I can ever recall. I absolutely LOVE performing, and I usually don’t want to stop once I’ve started. Then my physical body reminds me that I need to take a short break, and then I’m refreshed and ready to go again.
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