Moonlighting:  having a second job in addition to one’s regular employment, oftentimes of a sketchy nature

Did you know that many employers ban moonlighting?  It is legal.  This can be a concern when you are a musician and having to “pay the bills” by doing other work.  If you are employed by someone (not as an independent contractor, but as an actual W-2 employee), the employer can ban you from doing other work on the side.  Their reason?  They are paying you to do a job to the best of your ability, and if they think you are not giving your best to them, then they may want to replace you.  They can even sue you!

This can be especially tricky when you are employed as a musician under a W-2, and then you also do work on the side as a freelance musician.  The employer is expecting you to come to work fresh and ready to do a show/performance, and does not want you tired and exhausted from where you just came in after driving all night from playing another gig in another state.  Nor do they want you to come in late because your other gig ran late that day before your scheduled shift.

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