Violectric “One” Review by Noted Music Analyst

It has been two years in and out of the studio, revising arrangements, editing, herding cats, plus mixing and mastering, but my band, Violectric, finally has finished its first CD:  “One.”  The title pays homage to both classical and classic rock composers by using the numerical system for musical works.  Led Zeppelin used Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV), while Beethoven used titles such as “Symphony No. 1/2/3/4/5….”  As this is our first album, I thought it fitting to follow the examples set by the great artists before me.

Recently, I was contacted by noted music analyst, Christopher Long.  Mr. Long wanted to do an exclusive preview and review of our CD before it was available to the public.  Here is the link to his review, and the very first public review of this album.  The album “One” will be available on iTunes, Amazon and other worldwide online stores February 14, with hard copies available February 23, 2014.