China Tour – Christmas Eve

At 2pm, we departed the hotel to go to the concert hall for a short rehearsal.  It had been 4 days since our last rehearsal, and we were a bit rusty.  When we got back, Connie, Mary and I decided to go have our own Christmas Eve Dinner.  We found a place that served Western style food, and tried it.  Well, it’s still not Western as everything seemed to be made to suit the tastes of the Chinese.  But at least it was not the same 6 dishes on repeat for every meal.





We then got dressed and headed back to the hall as for our evening concert.  The stage was very nice, and the audience was very appreciative and welcoming.




After the concert, I came back to the room to retrieve my Christmas tree that Jerry gave me to take with me.  I took it to our late dinner with the group and we enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Eve together.  Now for some rest before we head out to another city tomorrow morning.

CmasEveGroup CmasTree