Feb. 28

So I’ve been home just over two weeks. Between laundry, phone calls, gigs, students, chores, errands, practicing, and life’s general responsibilities, I am finally posting again. Who knew a guy can create so much laundry while I only created 1 load while I was gone 3 weeks? Time to simplify life again. Downsize. Donate rarely used clothes. Get rid of the unnecessary items in a house that just clutter it. Now I just need a week off to do this. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Taking it one day at a time.

Tonight, I heard a bunch of auditions of varying instruments. All the musicians were very talented, and so different. Many different styles, genres, instruments, etc. I loved it! I feel like I was completely entertained all evening. I can already see where I can use some of the performers, and wish I knew where to use the others. So much talent in Orlando! It was wonderful!

Now, it’s time to move forward with creating more job opportunities for musicians. Need to create more gigs. For me, it’s not about finding gigs – it’s about creating them. Filling a need where no one realized there was a need. THIS is what I do, and I love it. I’m not out there stealing work – I’m creating it. Too many contractors are underbidding each other to get the work, forgetting that this is hurting themselves, as well as EVERY musician they hire. Don’t get me wrong – I love competition, but I don’t like stabbing others in the back to get the job. That’s not my style. I see a void, and I fill it. I see an opportunity, and I take it.

Speaking of opportunities, it’s time. Time to go forward, again.