Risky Business

How far will you go to realize a dream? Will you consider dedicating your entire life to making it happen? Are you willing to lose everything to make it succeed, including friendships, life’s savings and even your house? It takes the complete dedication of knowing that you will not let it fail in order for it to truly succeed. Venturing into something new and innovative is extremely risky, especially in the entertainment industry.

I have heard this story many times from very successful business people, not just in the entertainment world. You have to go into the dream knowing that it will not fail, and sometimes the only way to ensure that is to risk it all. “Balls to the wall!” as a dear and wise colleague once told me. And he is right.

I may be female, but I’ve got the cajones to make my dreams come true. It’s been that way all my life. I’m not afraid to try new things, and I’m definitely not afraid to gamble. I even bought my first MINI with my poker winnings. I have drive and determination, and I am thankful that I have people in my life who understand that (many love it, many loathe it.) Still, I have to be concerned about the people who are “in it” with me. What are they risking, if anything at all? Is it their money or reputation on the line? What is their level of commitment or even understanding of my commitment? How far are THEY willing to go on this journey with me?

These are questions that are constantly prevalent in my mind. Contrary to popular opinion, I am actually thinking of others before myself. I make sure the band gets paid before I do. I make sure the insurance and pension and taxes are paid, even when there is no money in the band bank account to pay it. I run it like a true business (gosh, I really wish the booking agents understood that this is my job, my career and my life, and everyone has bills to pay; maybe then they would stop asking for me to reduce my fee.) I pay for equipment and van rentals and even food for everyone on the gig from my own pocket. I know I will be reimbursed some day, many times over, but for now, it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make to ensure success. Keep your employees happy, and they will work harder for you; in the end, we all succeed.