Bigger is Better

I must admit it – bigger is better sometimes. The Amway Arena is huge, and I am absolutely thrilled to be performing here tonight with Classic Albums Live. It gives you taste of what you want – to be on stage in a huge room. At least that’s how I feel. I love playing smaller venues for their intimacy, but every time I get to play an arena show, it makes me giddy! Private dressing rooms, catering, every need met with security and private shuttles between hotel and venue.

As a performer, we spend so much time perfecting our craft. Hours upon hours in practice rooms, lessons, listening, recording – all for NO audiences; no appreciation. We LIVE for the performance! Being on stage with a live audience that is excited over the tiniest things. Nothing compares. Nothing.

It’s the rock star life and many simply dare to dream it. I absolutely love it! With that responsibility, I feel it is also my obligation to enjoy it and share it with anyone interested in reading about it. This is why I post photos and short descriptions whenever I can. It’s a glimpse into a fantasy world, and I am so honoured to live the fantasy life. I can’t stop smiling! Ask me what you want to know, and I’ll try to tell you (within reason, of course!)